Final thoughts on friendship

I’ve been tracking the comments and responses to that last post about friendship and wanted to share some of what I’ve been thinking as I read through the responses. Andy got the real key to what I was asking, the bit about whether our expectations are realistic. Acceptance, understanding, love, protection, loyalty – that about…

Sharing secrets

Marj, from the Survivors Can Thrive blog, left a comment and let me know about a new project she has started called Silence the Shame, which she describes as a secret-sharing space. I think it’s an interesting idea, creating a place for anyone to share their secrets and get support. Check it out for yourself.

Once more on friendship

Since we’ve been having all this discussion about friendship and relationships, I thought I would pose a question. When you tell people about your abuse or talk to them about specific issues surrounding it, suffering from depression for example, how would you like them to react? What do you expect from your friends, family, significant…

Megan’s Law is bad law

As if these sorts of stories weren’t completely predictable, it seems that yet again someone listed on an offender registry has been the victim of vigilante justice in Sacramento. Years ago, when every child protection agency in the country was pushing for these laws I though they were a bad idea, and I still do….

Continuing a conversation

As the conversation continues in this entry about survivor’s struggle with friendship, I’m starting to notice a difficult trend when it comes to healing, and that is deciding what your motivation is. It’s a difficult question to answer, and something worth monitoring not just with your path to healing from abuse, but really in any…