Looking forward

In thinking about depression the last few days it occurs to me that so much of the battle to overcome it is simply about looking forward instead of back. I think this is obviously the case in depression caused by an abusive childhood, or any other kind of trauma, but I think it’s also true…


Carnival Against Child Abuse

The 7th Edition is up over at Sadly Normal. As always it looks like there’s quite a lot of reading material over there. Since we’re traveling to visit family I’m going to have to just look forward to reading it when I’m back home. Hope you all have a great holiday! Technorati tags: SadlyNormal, CarnivalAgainstChildAbuse

Lack of exercise

I have to confess. I got off the regular exercise bandwagon last month and haven’t gotten back on it. Looking back I can see the problem. I went from a vacation, straight into having and recovering from surgery, and just when I was getting back on my feet from that, I caught a mean case…