November Carnival Against Child Abuse

It’s up over at Cerebralmum’s. With this being the month of Thanksgiving, she gave it a Gratitude Theme. Looks like there’s some good reading over there, and since I’m trying to rid myself of this cold, I think I’ll spend some time reading through it! Technorati Tags: CarnivalAgainstchildAbuse, BlogCarnival, Gratitude


I just upgraded the site to the newest version of Movable Type. I think everything is working correctly, aside from the blogroll. I’ve got that “sort of fixed”, in that it displays, but I won’t be able to add any new blogs to it until the plugin develop updates it to work with MT 4,…


Yesterday was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, which of course makes today the biggest shopping day of the year as everyone gets the jump on Christmas shopping. (Well not everyone, I haven’t even left the house today, though I do have some plans with a friend for dinner, so I’m not a complete…

New York Photos

For any of you who might be interested, I did manage to get some photos from the trip to New York last week posted to Flickr. Now that I’m done with all the traveling, at least for now, I should have more time to actually say something of interest around here. Soon…. Enjoy!

Depression Blogs

Psych Central has posted the 2007 Best of the Web -Depression Blogs. There are a number of blogs in there I haven’t read before, I’ll definitely be taking a look. Perhaps while I sit at JFK tonight waiting for my delayed flight home. At least there’s wifi!! Technorati tags: PsychCentral, Depression, Blogs