Home, and then off again!

I’m off in the morning, yet again! This time I’m flying to NYC for a few days, a couple of days enjoying the city, visiting with some family and old friends, and then a couple of days at a conference for work.

For those of you scoring at home, yes we just got back from the latest trip Sunday, a short weekender with the wife’s family, which came 3 days after we got back from vacation, which was about a week and a half after I got back from SF, again for work. Throw in a 12 hour work day this week, doing onsite support for an event, as opposed to being in the office, and it’s been a wild ride!

It’s been fun, and exciting, but I do believe that after this trip, I will be very, very happy to have some routine in my life again! I don’t really anticipate having that routine again until maybe Thanksgiving. I already know I’m going to come back to the office with piles of work to do, but I’m hoping that a quiet, 4 day, weekend, will be just the thing.

Of course, by then, I might wind up with even that being busy at the rate things have been going. I kinda hope not. As much as I condone shaking up the routine a little from time to time, and seeking out new experiences when you can, it’s also nice to feel the comfort of your normal life too. 🙂

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