A Day in the Life Of Someone With Mental Health Issues

Over in the UK, there’s a project due to start this coming Friday, Nov. 7 that bears keeping an eye on:

A Day in the Life is a year-long project to collect the everyday experiences of people who experience mental health difficulties in England. If you experience a mental health difficulty sign up to share with the world what your day was like on four calendar dates across the length of the project.
You don’t have to use your real name and you can be as anonymous as you want to be.
The everyday life of people with mental health difficulties has tended to remain hidden. Together we can change that by sharing what makes life better and what makes life worse. The first day in the life will be Friday 7th November 2014.

The link is here: https://dayinthelifemh.org.uk/

Let’s hope that getting a glimpse into the day to day lives of people in the UK dealing with mental health issues can help end the stigma of depression and other mental health issues.

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