One Small Thing You Can Do to Help Others

I’ve talked often about the small things we can do for each other, that may make a much bigger difference than we know. Things like texting a friend, checking in on them, simply sitting with them when they’re struggling etc. I’ve talked about how these small acts keep people connected, let them know that they are not alone, and allow us to get outside of our own anxiety about everything going on in the world, and take control of one small thing we can do to make a positive difference.

Well, as we start of 2021, here’s something you can do that would help not only me, but potential people in your social circles who are feeling alone right now.

Would you share this website with them?

Think about it, if you’re here, I’m guessing that at some point in the last 19 years, there’s been at least one post that spoke to you. I’m betting you know others who would benefit from that as well. Share it with them. Share it on social media. Share it in emails, or private messages of some sort. Take a look around the site and find something that you think would resonate with friends and family members. Subscribe to the email list or RSS feed instead of hoping you see new posts on various social media channels who probably aren’t showing them to you very often, and when you see something that you think might help someone, share it with them.

How much good can you do in someone’s life, right now, simply by sharing something you read online that made you think of them? How good does it feel to simply know someone out there is thinking about you and sending you articles, images, or TikTok Videos?

Now consider that this site makes no money. I get exactly zero financially for all of the work I put into it. I accept that, but it also means that there’s no budget to advertise. The only way anything on this site gets in front of people, is by you and I sharing it. And, this isn’t the only site like that. There is so much good stuff online, stuff that would make your friends feel supported, or even just make them laugh for a moment. Why not share it with them?

You’d be doing something nice for them, nice for the site that is putting out the content, and nice for your own mental health. It’s a win-win-win, and those are hard to come by these days.

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