I can see from my server logs an increasing amount of traffic coming in from specific searches. For the record, this is a site wrtten by someone who was a victim of child abuse, and it contains links to photos that I have taken, mostly from my travels over the last few years. There are no “pictures of child abuse” here! The pictures are purely G rated fare, the sort of thing your grandparents might have made slides out of. 🙂

So, if you came here looking for pictures of abused children, for whatever reason, please move along. Nothing to see here…

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  1. I think that you shuold put pictures of the abused children on the internet because it would make a change in some abuser lives and it could cause less abusive things happening in the world today. I know waht some people do may not change but there are some people that may change some day after looking at hte damage and scars that they heve casted upon a little innocent child.

  2. Child abuse makes me sick. I have been in a few abusive times that I can remember. I feel very sorry for the way children are talked to and in most times touched. Any person in their right mind would not touch a little innocent child in any harmful or violating way. Those children have my wishes and prayers to be in a safe place and a good home.

  3. I would suggest that you provide photos of children that are abused for those that would like to present to other individuals of what the effects are of child abuse. I myself have been a victim and I don’t see a problem with giving proof of damages that were done because of individuals who choose to act purely out of selfishness and evil. I want to present to my class the statistics of child abuse and to give them a visual aid on what becomes of children that are abused.

  4. people who do these type of things are called
    nothings, people that do this type of stuff it
    was done to them and they turn out to be what they were.

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