Leaving an Online Volunteer Position, Want to Take it Over?

Some of you may know that I’ve been maintaining the Male Abuse Awareness Week Google Plus Page for the last year or so. As the full year has come to a close, I was sent the paperwork to become an “official” volunteer for the PLuna Foundation, the larger organization behind Male Abuse Awareness Week. It was in trying to find time to review the paperwork, sign it, and get it back that I really started to notice how little extra time I have for this project. (It was taking a long time just to get around to the paperwork!)

Given this, I also realized that the page deserves better. It deserves someone who can dedicate more time to raising awareness of Male Abuse Awareness Week, growing the Google+ following, and getting more involved in Google+ Communities. My ability to simply drop a couple of links in every week or two was nice, but it could be so much more if someone with more time could devote the time to it. So, I’m walking away from it, to devote more time to my own blogs, and making sure that I’m doing all the things that I need to for myself while my work life has me traveling so much.

If you’re interested in taking it over, or doing any other online volunteering for the organization, you can check out the volunteer recruitment post.

I do hope you’ll consider donating some time to a very worthwhile cause. Male victims of abuse don’t often get the public resources and acknowledgement that would encourage other males to tell their stories. Any efforts to bring attention to survivors, of all genders, is worthwhile to me.

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