Simply Joy

Had an interesting exchange with a co worker today. I had done some work tweaking a database to make something they were wanting to do much easier to do. I had originally showed it to the other person working on this particular project and that person absolutely lit up when I showed her what I had done and how it would make things easier. The second person just learned about those details this morning and sent me a “thank you” email.

In my response I commented that doing work like that, and actually making someone’s job easier because of my knowledge, was one of the few moments of joy that I have at this job, so it was, really, my pleasure.

That’s one of the reasons I’m job-hunting. I want to work somewhere where I can do more of that. I want to be able to post entries like this one, where Dave was getting the thrill of teaching someone and helping them do something they didn’t even realize they could do.

I think that’s the best thing I could hope to do with all the knowledge I work so hard to get and keep up with. Pass it on to others…

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