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Someone left a couple of comments on the site last night, anonymously, and then sent me an email using the email form anonymously as well, requesting that I remove the comments they had made, as they were embarrassed by having made them public. I agreed to honor that request, feeling that any comments made here belong to the person who made them.

I also deleted the comment I left in reply, as it no longer makes any sense, but without any contact information for the commenter, I wanted to copy my reply here, so they, and anyone else struggling with being a survivor, could see it:

My normal advice to any survivor that leaves messages here is usually to do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself first. I don’t know enough about your situation to say more than that, but I’ve found it to be the most effective thing for us to focus on. That may mean getting away from your family, it may not. In either case, feel free to join the social network I put together for abuse survivors at http://childabusesurvivor.ning.com/

Perhaps just reading the other stories will help you see that there is a place for every survivor, but sometimes it can take time to find it!

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  1. This is really nice to read. Very much goes along with healing, that we are in charge of what we need. I love your comment, and thank you for sharing it and for your respect of the person behind the comment. Refreshing in the world we live it. Thank you for stating that we have permission to take care of ourselves first. mile191

  2. I agree with mile191. We survivors sometimes need permission to take care of ourselves. It was affirming to read that and I really needed it right now. So maybe that is why that comment had to be made! Thanks.

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