Help for Survivor and Aspiring Author

I’ve been approached by a fellow survivor who is writing a book. They’ve gotten through Part 1 and really want to be able to share what they have so far with some kindred spirits, folks who are embracing healing from abuse and attempting to turn their adult lives into something positive. Basically, they would like some feedback on what is right now just a rough draft, really rough from what I’ve been told, to know whether what they are writing is on the right track, and would do some good out in the world. Unfortunately, due to a backlog of requests to do reviews, and a general time crunch for me professionally, I had to turn this down, at least for now. If you would be interested in providing some feedback to a survivor/author just starting out, leave a comment and include your email address in the comment form. Don’t worry, no one but me sees the email address that is entered in the form, but I will pass your address along to our aspiring author!

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  1. I would love to see the rough draft and provide feedback. I am an advocate for ending CSA and am always looking to help survivors!

  2. I am a Survivor of Abuse and my first Non-Fiction Novel of my life of Abuse has been published. My Book of Poems will be out this Summer and the Sequel to my 1st Novel will be out in 2013.
    I would say it is a great way to share you life and help other victims, my book has impacted hundred’s or maybe even thousands. Get through those first 2 weeks and the rest is history. It takes determination, blood, sweat and tears. Books as such ARE NOT ordinary Books. So maintain your strength and always remember its for the GOOD of other victims. GOD would really appreciate you for doing his work. Feel free to stop by Amazon and view my preface, maybe it can help.
    GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS for making the decision to share you life.

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