Are You Afraid of 2012?

Anyone out there a bit freaked out by this Mayan “prediction” of the world ending this year? I know that survivors tend to worry about things like this a bit more than most, because we tend to really not like being out of control of events in our lives.

But, here’s the harsh reality, if the world really is going to end in December, (And for the record, I highly doubt it) there isn’t a darn thing you can do to stop it, so why spend even a minute worrying about it? Let’s spend our days affecting the areas of our lives that we can have an impact on, and not let the things that are outside our ability to impact distract us from our own healing and finding our own happiness.

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  1. That was mistranslated. It’s not an end of the world but an end of an era. What they meant was that the era of the fish would end and the era of the aquarious would begin.

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