Fighting Yourself?

Saw this interesting article called Are you Fighting Yourself? today via a link on Lifehacker. I found it interesting on two levels personally. One, when I was in the midst of depression, I saw this in myself all the time. I seemed to almost take pride in my misery, and not do anything to get out of it. I really had to learn how to be more positive and forward-thinking in order to get out of that.

The other reason it’s interesting is that I’ve begun to see this sort of behavior in a couple of close friends, and it has me somewhat disturbed. Since I now spend all day coming at problems from a tech support perspective, I actually had a conversation the other day with someone who was making these sorts of complaints where I said “If what you’re doing now isn’t working, it’s time to do something different.” Technically, that’s very easy to see. If you’re trying to do something with a PC, and it’s not doing what you think it should be doing, you don’t sit there and keep pressing the mouse button in the hopes that this time it will. You try something different, you call in help, etc.

That seems so simple, and in truth it really is, but it can be a very difficult truth to see when you don’t believe in yourself, and when you don’t have hope for your life. So if you’re having trouble doing something different because you have this fear of change, take some time and start to believe in yourself, and your future. Making changes will be easier when you do.


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  1. We have recently changed a few things in our life and even though we had and still have the initial panic now those changes are there we are seeing huge growth, sometimes the scariest steps are the ones that give us the best outcome

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