Panic Attacks

So I was talking to a friend recently who suffers from panic attacks. I had many questions about how she deals with them, what she does to try and avoid having them, etc.

She said a couple of keys for her were trying to cut down stressors, getting exercise, even if it’s just walking with the dog, and being able to logically “talk” to herself when she feels one coming on.

Now one thing I’ve never had is panic attacks, so I found the conversation, short as it was, quite fascinating. I’ve certainly struggled with my share of mental health issues, and have my own tools to cope with them, so I was very curious to know what tools other people use to cope with their own issues.

In light of that, and the reason I bring this up, who else struggles with panic attacks? What do you do to cope?


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  1. I find one of the best things is to speak to a friend – that usually calms me down. Also doing some aerobic exercise is good.

  2. I’ve had less than 10 attacks. Other than the solutions listed and broke’s comment, I use music to calm me down, whatever I thought would take me out of myself – chillout, dance, rock, anything. That’s a good instant solution if you’re the kind of person who carries a walkman the whole time and no friend is around.

  3. Hi Mike
    just wanted to let you know have linked to your site in my today’s article: Men Speak Against Child Abuse. No need to have a panic attack – I said wonderful things about you.
    All the best.

  4. I have had panic attacks for the last couple of years and the best thing I do is take lots of deep breaths and walk. The meds do help too but it does take them time to work.

    I love your blog btw.

    Take care.

  5. we try to remember that breathing is normal at a even pace shallow hot breathing is not if we cant stop then we call our T and she helps us

  6. I have had panic/anxiety attacks since I was 12 (18 years now.) It got to a point where I was no longer in control of my life. I have a three point plan to attack my panic attacks: Counseling, Facing my fears and when unable to control it & I am in a safe place where I can just go to sleep – Xanex. I also find that if I make sure that I always have a bottle of water with me I can calm myself down. Therapy has been a long journey – but well worth it! I would recommend for anyone experiencing anxiety attacks to seek counseling.

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