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Thankful That You’re Here

Since tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, and I have sort of been writing about the idea of thankfulness each year at this time, I just wanted to take a minute to say that I’m thankful for you, the readers of this site. I’m thankful that you take the time to read, to comment, to send me links, to share posts from here with your social networks, and that you sometimes even let me know when something that has been written on the site has had a positive influence on you. Knowing that someone, somewhere, is getting something out of this site makes all of the time and effort worthwhile.

Beyond all of that, though, I’m also glad you’re here in a more existential sense. I’m glad you’re here, still working to move forward in healing. I’m glad you haven’t let the abuse take more than it already has, that you are doing whatever you can to heal, and to support others who are trying to heal as well. It may not always look that appealing, and it might be the toughest thing you’ve ever done, but as long as you’re here, there’s at the very least hope for healing and joy to come to your life. That sure beats the alternative!

Enjoy your holiday, however you are marking it!

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  1. I would first like to wish you Happy Holidays! I am a survivor of child neglect, and abuse. First neglected, then put into foster care, where I was finally wanted. Only to be put up for adoption, where I was abused daily until I found a way to get away. I have at age 50 finally written a book about my abuse. “September’s Child” is my story. I wrote this as the emotionless child I was back then. I know your pain to a certain extent. I applaud you for your efforts in reaching out to those who need help in healing. Bless You
    C. A. Staff

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