A Much Needed Break

And we’re back…

OK, so I know I’ve been offline for the last couple of weeks, and am just now starting to catch up on emails and other things from around the old Internets. If you’ve been waiting on some comment from me or response to something, it’s coming. The wife and I were off on vacation, cruising in the Mediterranean with no real access to internet while we explored Spain, Italy and a bit of France. I highly recommend all of them.

I also highly recommend getting away yourself, in whatever way you can, every now and again. It was refreshing to be able to simply spend some time away from every day life. The constant routine of our daily lives can get to be sort of soul-crushing when you don’t spend some time occasionally doing something just because you enjoy it. A vacation is a good way to remind yourself of that simple pleasure.

I will be sharing some of the 1700 photos that I took while on vacation. In fact, I’ve already started that process with a short look at the port in Barcelona over at the photo blog. I will continue to add new posts there, with links to my Flickr account as new batches are added. Hope you enjoy them!

Now, what did I miss? 😉

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