Creating a Facebook Group for Survivors

As most of you probably already know, there has been a Facebook page tied to this site for a number of years now, and a large number of you like or follow the new posts there.

That’s great, and I thank you!

In recent years, however, Facebook has made it really difficult to actually reach the people who have liked the page with new posts. Fearful that commercial businesses would soon be spamming the feeds of people who chose to like them on Facebook, they’ve instead pointed people to more “real” interactions in groups.

(insert eye-roll at Facebook here)

However, over the years that the page has existed over there, I have had some issues with people who would like to follow it, but for one reason or another, do not want all of their friends and followers to see it every time they like or comment on a post. Sometimes they even reach out to me about making the page private, but, alas, pages on Facebook can’t be private. They can only be public. This is actually another decent reason to have a group tied to the page.

For a long time, I resisted the urge to do it, however, because I didn’t really want the responsibility of being a group admin. I’m still not 100% sure about that, but I’m willing to start the group and see how it goes. So you can, as of about a week ago, now join the group over there as well.

For now, it is pretty locked down. I need to approve all members, and posts. We’ll see if that continues going forward. It’s also a private group, which means posts, comments, etc. are only seen by the other members. It won’t show up on the news feeds of your friends. (Unless, of course, they are also in the group)

I don’t plan on posting every blog post to the group the way I do on the page, bu for many of you, you may end up actually seeing more of them in your feed than you do now. (Thanks FB!) Plus, you’ll also, hopefully see posts and shared information from other members as well.

Of course, to keep it safe, there are rules, so do please read them before requesting to join, but I do hope you’ll join us there, and tell your friends who might be interested!

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