Someone sent me this link

Someone sent me this link to back issues of Moving Forward Online, which was a newsletter published for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, I hope to find some free time to read through it all soon.

Speaking of free time, I have this wierd thing going on. I have plenty of free time and I’m enjoying spending time with my wife and doing some just fun recreational type stuff. At the same time I look at this site, and my tech site and I think I haven’t been spending enough time dealing with them. I know it’s just my random perfectionism creeping in, (“If you’re going to do a site spend the time to do it well or don’t do it at all” -ya’ know?) but I can’t help but feel that way sometimes. It’s frustrating! I think the work I put in on both is pretty good, and I think I do my job pretty well, and I’m a pretty good husband, but I’m not perfect at any of them, so I’m always viewing myself in terms of what I need to improve on, instead of accepting that pretty good is good enough for most things. I wish I could be more accepting of myself…

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