My Apologies about the Comments

As you can imagine, this blog gets a lot of spam comments. Movable Type does a pretty good job of catching those so that you guys never see them. In fact, I have the settings set pretty tightly to avoid you having to deal with them, but sometimes that means things get caught incorrectly.Most of the time, things simply get marked “pending” until I approve them. I get an email every time a comment gets marked pending, so they tend to get approved the next time I’m on-line. Occasionally, however, good comments get marked as spam, and dumped into the spam folder. I used to take a peek in there every once in awhile to make sure nothing was in there that shouldn’t be, but had gotten out of the habit of doing that, mostly because it was very rare.

Apparently, over the last week or more, a handful of comments had gotten dumped in there that weren’t spam. I hadn’t noticed them in there until tonight, so some comments took a number of days before finally showing up on the site. I’m sorry, hopefully they’re all posted now, and I’ll try and do a better job of peeking in there so you don’t have to wait quite as long to see your comments show up!

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  1. Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I need to check my junk mail folder more often, too. One month, a blog carnival submission went in there and I felt so bad that it took me a long time to discover it.

    Hey–now that you’re catching up on things. What about playing that “Survivor Needs” meme I created? I’d really like to get a male child abuse survivor’s perspective on it. Think about it and let me know, okay?

  2. Marj,

    I saw the meme, and have thought about it on and off, just haven’t gotten around to formulating a response, or even deciding if I can do it the way you’ve laid it out, or make some changes to the format. I’ll let you know if I do…

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