Taking the Network Offline

I had been toying with the notion that the Survivor’s Network, in it’s new form, just wasn’t working for anyone. Recently, I was contacted by someone rather upset that their real name was attached to their account there, and thus was being indexed by Google, asking me to remove them. I took advantage of that situation to go ahead and just take the whole network offline for the time being.

As I said, I’ve definitely been thinking that the network doesn’t seem to be working for anyone right now, and that maybe the behind the scenes work wasn’t worth the time and effort. Seems like the Facebook fan page has been the source of much of the interaction among survivors who read this blog, and I am very happy that is providing a good resource for folks.

I also realize that using the Facebook page is not for everyone. Obviously, you have to be on Facebook to follow it, which would require using your real identity, and not every survivor is ready to do that. On the other hand, if you’re one of those survivors looking for anonymity and privacy, the network as configured was only offering you some of that. I simply don’t know of a good way to allow anyone to join the network and remain anonymous, while also keeping others from finding out about what discussions are taking place on the network.

So, here’s the situation as it stands. If you’re willing to forgo anonymity and want to participate over on Facebook, please do. If you wish to have some sort of communication platform with other survivors, yet remain anonymous to some extent, leave a comment or drop me an email with suggestions for how I can help you. I have the capacity to create anything from a forum, an email list, or even let you have your own blog here at this domain. (on a limited basis)

What would be most helpful to you? Let me know what you think, and we’ll see what we can come up with!

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  1. I’m on Facebook to look at people’s pictures, but my real name’s not on the account, just make one for friending/liking/poking the fan page. It’s at least good that people are taking back responsibility for their privacy in whatever shape or form that takes.

  2. I’ve been afraid to going the facebook page. Anonymity is the only way for many of us. I have children and other family that would be hurt if they knew. Bringing more pain is not what I want.

    Its a shame to have to be so careful, but it is up to each person to keep themselves safe. There are other forums on which people cann, if they want to. I am still a member at DailyStrength, which has support groups for all kinds of things. I don’t go there as much as I used to, but it is a good site for people to discuss issues and “meet” others who have gone through similar issues, and there is a wealth of information there, all told from “the horses mouth”.

    Keep doing what your doing. I enjoy reading your posts.

  3. I’m closing comments on this post. I currently have a bunch of unapproved comments from people who have started their own community sites for survivors, and in the interest of not directing people to someplace that may or may not be safe, I’ve left all of those comments invisible. I’m not saying they aren’t promoting supportive, safe sites. Most, if not all, of them probably are. I am saying, however, that I simply don’t know enough about them to say for sure.

    At the end of the day, I’d prefer to err on the side of safety, and not link to a community that might, in fact, not be a safe place for survivors. Short of signing up for all of them myself, and participating in the sites to make sure they are safe, which I really don’t have the time to do, I have no way of being sure. Thus, I’ve decided to simply not promote any of them.

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