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If you hadn’t noticed before, this site actually hosts two blogs. One, my personal thoughts and writings, and the other the Survivor News and Reviews, stuff I’m sharing along with some quick thoughts, or sometimes a contribution from someone else.

That has always meant two RSS feeds and two email subscriptions for you to follow if you actually wanted to get everything, and for the most part, I was lazy and left it that way because most people didn’t follow using those tools anyway. But, with the change over the years to Facebook pages, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that many of the people who have liked or follow the Facebook page, aren’t seeing much of anything thanks to Facebook’s choices for their newsfeed algorithm.

So, if you’re tired of not seeing everything from here. You can use the subscribe link to subscribe to one email service, from Feedburner, and one RSS feed that you can use in a service like Feedly, to get everything. If you’re seeing this in an email subscription for one or the other blog, you can consider unsubscribing from there and doing this one instead. (If you’re already subscribed to both, it really doesn’t matter, you’re getting everything.)

As always, the email account you give to subscribe is held by Feedburner, I won’t be using it for anything outside of sending you new blog posts through that service.

Hope that helps, and I hope that if you haven’t been seeing much of this page on social media, you’ll take the extra step to make sure you’re getting everything, and sharing it as you see fit to your own networks. Thanks!

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