Unbridled Glee

While we were vacationing down in Florida this week, I heard my wife laugh in such a free, gleeful way that it actually made me jealous of her for a minute. We were riding Space Mountain, and she was seated directly behind me. As you may know, the ride is very dark, so you don’t…

Network Troubles

Just wanted to get a post out to address a couple of things that have come up now that a few folks have started wandering in to the Survivors Network site. First off, if you try to register and never get the email confirmation, please check your spam filters and see if it’s getting filtered….


Happy 2011!

Much as Tracie mentioned in the last Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse of 2010, I’m not much for making New Year’s resolutions. On the other hand, I find birthdays, and new year’s, to be a good time to reflect on what’s going on, and check in to make sure I’m making progress in the areas…