Link – Taking Psychiatric Medication Makes You Weak

“And as it turns out, looking back, one of the strongest things I ever did was see a doctor and start medication. That behavior wasn’t indicative of weakness on my part, it was indicative of the strength it takes to admit that you have a problem and to address it. It was indicative of a willingness to admit that all those things I was pretty sure I believed, might have been wrong. It was indicative of a desire to do whatever it took to be a well human being.

And so when I get up in the morning and I see the pills that I must take in order to stay well, I don’t see a crutch, I see a tool. I see a tool that I need in order to build the life I deserve to have. I see the strength of character it takes to admit imperfection, admit the need for help and yet to flourish anyway. I see something that keeps me strong rather than the disease which would prefer that I remain weak.

Taking medication doesn’t make you weaker it makes you stronger – it shows you’re a fighter.”

Couldn’t have said it any better really. Don’t let the beliefs Natasha talks about hold you back from getting the help you need. We’ve lost too many people to depression, bi-polar, etc. I’m for anything that will prevent that!

Taking Psychiatric Medication Makes You Weak | Breaking Bipolar – HealthyPlace

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