Link – Report details widespread sexual abuse problems at USA Gymnastics facilities

“An Indianapolis Star investigation found that at least 386 young gymnasts claimed they’ve been sexually assaulted by coaches, gym owners and other adults working in gymnastics over the past 20 years and that many of the suspected adults were allowed to move from gym to gym, including facilities that were certified by USA Gymnastics. That number is merely what the Star found; it likely is higher.”

Don’t go looking down on the problems with youth sports in other countries America. WE have our own issues right here in the US, as have been documented over and over. This is just the latest proof that more oversight is needed. Coaching youth, especially in high-profile sports, is an occupation that makes it easy for adults to be trusted. Anything that allows for that much contact with young people is going to seem inviting to pedophiles, especially if there is lax oversight.

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