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Link – The Benefits of Laughter

Laugh a little, and since we know that social media companies are designing themselves to show you more of what you already think, watch a few more things that make you laugh, so they can show you more. It’s good for you, and it goes a long way toward keeping us sane when our healing becomes difficult.

“What is more laughter seems to have at least a degree of curative potency. In “The Healing Power Of Laughter,” by the HeartMD Institute, Alexander Lowen, the father of bioenergetic therapy, suggests “[laughter is] a way of healing the body through the spontaneous release of energy.” Lowen believes laughter accomplishes this by releasing tension, promoting respiration, and inducing endorphin release. Another study of cancer patients by Bennett M, Zeller J, et al. at Western Kentucky University suggests humor can be an effective complimentary medicine that often generates “increased immune function.” “

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