Link – I’m Not a ‘Failure’ for Leaving Jobs That Hurt My Mental Health

I identified with this today, as I get ready to move across the country for a job that some might view as a step back from what I was doing before, but I think will help me stay balanced and grounded longer than I was going to be able to stay had I continued with all of the travel that my old job entailed.

In the end, a job is a job. Your own health and happiness, is something else altogether.

All I do know is I’ve just walked away from yet another toxic work situation and am taking some time out to do the things I love, see the people I love and nurture the brave, good side of me that has been slightly battered and bruised over recent months.


Whatever your situation, if it doesn’t make you happy or it does, in fact, make you sad or exacerbate any mental health issues you may have, then you may need to walk away.2 Bravery has many different forms, but I see bravery every single day when I interact with like-minded people and hear about their stories and how they walked away to survive.

I’m Not a ‘Failure’ for Leaving Jobs That Hurt My Mental Health

Photo by Tertiary Education Union (NZTEU)

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