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Link – Depression Sucks, You Don’t

Love the headline. Pithy as it is, it holds a very large truth about depression, and how it lies to us.

“So what can you, the individual with depression, do? You need to ask for help. Waiting around for your depression to lift is miserable, and is a symptom of faulty thinking that you need to suffer alone. The help might come in the form of having someone simply hang with you and sit through the misery. It may mean getting in to see your doctor or psychiatrist for some medical help. It may mean asking folks to manage some personal and/or work issues for you while you battle the demons in your head. It may mean asking for messages of love and support on social media.

By opening yourself up to others when you’re feeling desperate, you get actual proof you deserve love, affection and attention. You get proof you are not alone in this fight. Depression is a disease of aloneness and isolation, and the best way to fight it is to do the opposite and bring people in.”

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