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Link – Child abuse scandal reaches top of Brazilian football

It’s a mixture of things that create the perfect storm, if you will, for predators. Families living in abject poverty, with an opportunity to escape it through a boy playing youth soccer and advancing in his career. Those types of situations are ripe for abusers to take advantage of.

“And many would never dare to speak out for fear of losing the opportunity that has dragged them from a slum to a soccer club.

This is the immense challenge for authorities working to stamp out abuse.”

It won’t be easy. We’ve seen similar challenges with youth sports in the US and UK, but the level of children living in poverty is nothing compared to Brazil. Many of these boys have no other options. That makes them exactly the kinds of children pedophiles prey upon. It’s going to take a lot to weed it out and do what is necessary to protect children.

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