Link – Can there ever be a mentally healthy prison?

This article is about the UK, but we’ve seen plenty of similar stories in the US. I’m sure many of you from other countries might even see it in your areas as well.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons has just described the past year as a “dramatic period in which we documented some of the most disturbing prison conditions we have ever seen – conditions which have no place in an advanced nation in the 21st century.” Can there every be such a thing as a mentally healthy prison? It seems difficult to answer in the affirmative.

It is hard for me to imagine it to be honest. It would require such an overhaul of how we view prisons, and what they are designed to do. On the other hand, what we have in prisons now is absolutely harmful to the mental health, and future prospects. of inmates that it’s hard to imagine continuing down the path we are on.

Something has got to change. The article below has a lot more on the topic.

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