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Sharing – Tearing down taboos: Tackling abuse in the Muslim community

I appreciate what the author of this article, Zahra Awaiz-Bilal, is saying. Each group that we belong to has it’s own culture, it’s own rules, and it’s own challenges when it comes to dealing with abuse, but it’s especially important to recognize this as well, across all of those cultures:

“The plethora of news stories bringing child abuse to light day in day out shows that it is not limited to one ethnicity, one community, or one gender; sadly, it is widespread across all sections of society. Yet child abuse within the Muslim community continues to be a taboo subject and victims of that abuse continue to suffer in silence. As a lawyer, who specialises in child abuse law, I find that unacceptable, and as a Muslim, I find it extremely disheartening.”

It’s disheartening whenever any abused child is left to suffer in silence, no matter where that happens. As advocates, we need to be willing to call out any and all obstacles that allow that to happen, but we need to have those kinds of advocates in every community. Thankfully, there are people willing to do that. Let’s hope they can all make a difference.

Tearing down taboos: Tackling abuse in the Muslim community

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