Sharing – Almost 20 Percent of Parents Disregard Reality Of Child Sexual Abuse: Study

The headline is a result of this tidbit from the article, which is disappointing, but it’s hardly the only thing.

“Another 18 per cent said that discussions are unnecessary because inappropriate touching of children rarely happens.”

What that tells me is that we still have plenty of work to do to reach that last 18%, if it’s even possible, with the truth that childhood sexual abuse happens, and it happens even to people like them.

But more than that, some of the other numbers tell me that we’re also doing a pretty poor job reaching parents who understand the need to have a conversation with even small children, but who also need help on how to have those conversations. Far too many parents don’t see the pressing need, and far too many parents who see the need are lacking the resources to help them do it.

Anyway you look at it, we’re leaving an awful lot of kids uneducated and vulnerable.

We can’t do that.

Parents, if you’ve had a talk about inappropriate touch with your young child, where did you go to learn about how to have that conversation? Were there resources available locally, an internet resource, schools? Or were you truly left on your own? Please share in the comments so that other parents can be educated. I am aware of a couple of places to get information, but as someone who isn’t a parent, I’m more interested in what has helped you actually talk to your kids about inappropriate touch. Please share.

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