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Sharing – How to support people worried about coronavirus

There have been a number of articles that I’ve shared on social media about this, but I wanted to pause and mention this one in particular, because as someone who works with technology everyday, I cannot stress this enough. We have use the tools we have to stay connected.

1. Maintain connection
“As humans, we need connection in order to stay mentally healthy,” explains Jo Love, a mental health advocate. “While this may be harder to do if you’re self-isolating away from someone, offer to have a Facetime cup of tea together.”

Rebecca Lockwood, a life coach, agrees that connection is essential: “Set up a WhatsApp group chat with your friends and family if you haven’t already got one and check in with them daily.”

I’ve been on a Zoom meeting with other folks talking about mental health this week, I’ve been part of a Twitter chat, a few group text chats, and a ton of messages on various platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

If you want to put together a group to touch base on a semi regular basis, feel free to connect with me on those platforms so I can be part of that group, or if you’ve got a good WhatsApp group, I guess I can use this time to figure out how to do that too. 😉

Anyway, happy to add another place, or some new connections as I’m trying to share information and encouragement!

Don’t let yourself, or the people you care about, lose their connections. This is not the time to lose those connections.

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