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Sharing – Working From Home Made Me More Anxious

I found this article and I really wanted to share it because I think there’s some insight here for many folks who are suddenly working from home. As someone who works from home normally, there are some important things to remember that often get overlooked.

One, obviously, there are benefits to working from home. I wouldn’t be doing it if that wasn’t true. There are lots of things to love about it, but it can be something that creates some anxiety, even in normal times. Because it takes some time to get used to going days without anyone acknowledging your good work, or having less social interaction with coworkers, and sometimes having to figure things out for yourself since you can’t walk over to the next desk and ask someone.

That’s an adjustment, but eventually you learn how to deal with that, and work around it. So, when this is suddenly thrust upon you, it’s a shock.

Throw in the current pandemic shock, and all of the anxiety related to that, and that is a whole, whole lot of anxiety.

And, as much as I understand why we are staying home, away from each other, and as much as I am thankful to still be working and really have just small disruptions to my life, we can all also feel pretty darn anxious about all of this.

So yeah, working from home can be different and fun, but it’s not going to magically wipe away all the of the anxiety we are all feeling, and it’s going to create some of it’s own.

As many have said, we can appreciate the need, appreciate our privilege, and also feel anxious. They are all normal.

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