Link – Mental Health Conditions are Legitimate Health Conditions

This seems perfectly logical to most of us here, but for so many people, it isn’t.

“It is widely accepted that if you have a health problem, you would see a medical professional who specializes in that problem’s proper treatment. If you have high cholesterol or are at risk of a heart attack, you see a cardiologist. If you have digestive problems, you see a gastroenterologist. If you have acne or other skin problems, you see a dermatologist.

But if you are faced with a mental health problem, is your first instinct to see a mental health professional?”

It shouldn’t be any different, and yet it is. We are constantly reminded that seeking mental health assistance is somehow a sign of weakness, or only for people who are “really bad off”, when we would never question anyone getting help with any other health condition.

It’s infuriating

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