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Sharing – Stigma is Killing Us

Carly shares her dad’s story as an example of what happens when stigma prevents people from admitting they have a mental health issue, let alone asking for help with that issue. I think her final paragraph is a good reminder of what we should be doing when someone we know is dealing with a mental health issue and a reminder to be careful with our words because we won’t always know who around us is feeling stigmatized by them.

Most of us personally struggle or know several people in our lives struggling with some type of mental health challenge. What if as a society we replaced all the gut-wrenching and isolating words like stigma and its synonyms with their antonyms? What if we instead brought compassion and grace to the table? Would it be a world where my dad would still be? I think so and I hope so.

There’s simply no way you don’t know people struggling right now. Whether you want to consider the levels of anxiety and depression a disorder or a natural reaction to the state of the world today, we would all do well with more compassion and grace.

A lot more. People are dying without it.


If you are struggling with your mental health right now, please take a look for a local organization that can help here – Find Help.

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