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Link – What To Do If You See Someone Posting Suicidal Thoughts On Social Media, According To Experts

This is something I think many of us struggle with, and I’m glad this article came across my feeds this week.

“Social media keeps us connected to all sorts of different people — acquaintances, old friends, even celebrities — and that when we see someone posting in distress, Klapow says it is possible to step up to the plate and offer support.”

The article goes on from there, with some advice on how to respond. Letting them know you see them, and are listening is the first thing. Then trying to point them in the right direction for help, which can be tricky if you do not know their location, in my experience. Still, we can ask them to reach out to whatever resources are available in their area, and let them know we see them even if we don’t know where to point them.

We may not be able to fix everything across the vast internet, but at the very least we can let people know that someone sees their struggle, and cares.

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