Sharing – Personalities that thrive in isolation and what we can all learn from time alone

I would agree that we are not all in the same boat. Even if we disregard the number of people dealing with direct health impacts, or losing a job, compared to those of us simply working from isolation, which are very different boats, how we handle the day to day isolation will be different.

“At least we’re all in the same boat, and misery loves company, right?


Actually, we’re not all in the same boat. Generalisations about how the COVID-19 lockdown will affect us overlook the fact people have different personalities. We’re all going to respond in different ways to our changing situation.”

Go read more about the different personality types and the different strengths they might bring to the situation, beyond the introvert/extrovert. Think about the people you know, and how this situation may bring about very different responses. Some of us might be just fine, adapting, and seemingly enjoying not being outwardly social at all, while others might be going crazy without the interaction. Some might be super productive, and some may not. Some may feel incredible anxiety and a need to consume news more and more, while others will avoid the news altogether.

And, all of it is fine. It’s called coping, and we all need to do that, even if my coping looks very different than yours.

How are you coping?

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