Sharing – Landmark research reveals ‘horrific’ mental health crisis facing Australian truck drivers

I’m glad to see people in Australia starting to understand this bit of reality:

“”This is about the whole industry stepping up and saying we’ve got a major problem and we need to address this,” Mr Benson said.

“The economic reality is we won’t actually have people to drive our trucks or to work in our warehouses if we don’t take care of them.””

I think the COVID-19 pandemic has shown many of us that we can’t function without some of the people who do things like drive trucks, or stock groceries, catch fish, cook meals, etc. Many of these have long been the kinds of industries that have similar stories to the ones you’ll find in the article below, being told to “man up”, “get on with it”, or even, yes, “grow some balls”.

In a nutshell, all of the things we tell men to do when they dare start talking about mental health everywhere, but especially in the sort of industries where quietly doing your job without complaint is ingrained in the culture.

There’s nothing wrong with quietly doing your job, I do that myself all the time, but when you need mental health support, that isn’t a solution. The two things can, and need to, coexist.

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