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Sharing – Amelia’s Story: Groomed on a Video Game

If you have children, please go read the whole story linked below. But, the one thing I wanted to really point out is this line from her mother:

“The next day, I called the police and asked them if they publish on their webpage a list of games that predators were known to frequent. They responded with, “No ?— predators are on all the video games.”

It might seem a flippant response to her question, and maybe it was. It’s also true. Online video games are a public space, no different than a shopping mall, park, or public transportation. If you make sure to teach your kids about the danger of predators there or take steps to protect them, there is simply no reason not to do the same thing with online spaces.

That’s not to say kids should never go to a park, or play video games. It is, however, to say that public spaces are public spaces, and any actions you take in physical spaces, are equally important in virtual ones.

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