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Sharing – Know Your Partner’s Trauma

This is a really important idea, as Todd explains:

Understanding your partner’s trauma is not just a suggestion; it’s a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship. Understand their story, their struggles, their healing journey. Know the impact it has had on them, both past and present. Understand the work they’ve put in to overcome it, and the challenges they still face. Recognize their triggers, and learn how to navigate around them with care and sensitivity.

Once I was public about my abuse, it became obvious to me that anyone I was going to be involved with romantically probably needed to know about my past sooner rather than later. Maybe not all the details upfront, but the fact that I am a survivor usually came out early. There was no reason not to share that information with someone who I was going to be in a romantic relationship with because that trauma impacted so many little things about me and how I acted in that relationship.

When I met my now-wife, I told her about being a survivor before we even started dating. Over the years, I’ve shared with her more details, especially about triggers and things that cause me anxiety. Those things have changed over the last few years as the world has changed, showing that these open conversations are an ongoing priority.

We should all talk more about our trauma and let the people closest to us know how they can support us. I’d be willing to bet that more of them want to know how to help than we expect. Maybe not, but not talking about our trauma doesn’t help anyone.

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