Sharing – How To Tell If Your Parent is Suffering from Depression

I wanted to share this reminder because it can be easy to overlook the signs of depression in older people:

“So when depression and/or anxiety do arise in older adults, it’s not fair to assume it’s “just aging.” Depression and anxiety aren’t the norm, and they are as much a cause for concern in older people as in younger people.”

As pointed out later in the article below, the second-highest rate of suicide belongs to elderly white men. We have created a stereotype of the “grumpy old man” in our society. We’ve even made movies out of it. But don’t let that fool you, that grumpiness or the other moods we assume are just part of getting older, might not be that at all. In fact, the variety of moods and potential mental health issues are the same for older folks as they are for everyone else.

We just choose to ignore that to put our own minds at ease instead of considering what might really be happening.

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