Link – What Depression Is & What It Isn’t

“Depression is one of the most recognized psychological disorders. It’s certainly common. A 2014 survey found that 6.6 percent of American adults or 15.7 million suffered from a major depressive episode within the past 12 months, said Sandra Hamilton, Ph.D, a psychologist who specializes in treating depression, anxiety and relationship issues. With something so prevalent, many of us may assume we know what it is.

But assumptions can quickly turn to misconceptions. Misconceptions about what depression looks and feels like. Misconceptions about whether people really want to get better. Misconceptions about the seriousness of depression. Which is important because depression is serious. It affects a person’s entire being. It affects their entire life.”

This is true, many people seem to think they know what depression looks like, but they miss it almost all of the time. Do you have some of the same misconceptions listed in this article? Do you know anyone who does have these misconceptions? Maybe you should share it with them. 😉

What Depression Is & What It Isn’t

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