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Sharing – Almost 20 Percent of Parents Disregard Reality Of Child Sexual Abuse: Study

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Parents, if you’ve had a talk about inappropriate touch with your young child, where did you go to learn about how to have that conversation? Were there resources available locally, an internet resource, schools? Or were you truly left on your own? Please share in the comments so that other parents can be educated. I am aware of a couple of places to get information, but as someone who isn’t a parent, I’m more interested in what has helped you actually talk to your kids about inappropriate touch. Please share.

Sharing – People Don’t Outgrow the Effects of Childhood Trauma Just Because They Become Adults

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When your experience tells you that something is going to hurt you, your brain will figure out how to avoid and survive it. It will naturally kick in. Again, you can learn to work around that, or maybe even ignore it, but expecting your brain to magically stop reacting is asking yourself to not be human.

Maybe instead of expecting that from yourself, or anyone, give your brain some credit for going into survival mode, for keeping you alive, and be gentle with yourself.

Even if you are in a situation where acting out of fear is silly, it’s OK to feel the fear.

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