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Sharing – I Feel Nothing: Emotional Numbness and How to Cope

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In my experience all of that is true. The trauma of my childhood left me numb in early adulthood. The current pandemic and all of the other things going on around us every day have left me numb from time to time now. It’s the overwhelming stress that just living every day can bring right now. So, I find myself doing some of the things recommended in the article below to help in the short term, while also knowing that if that doesn’t work, I need to consider the long-term options as well.… Read More

Why Suicide Prevention Week Is Important for Child Abuse Survivors

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I’ve survived both childhood abuse, and a suicide attempt. I know what it feels like to believe that it will never get better, just as much as I know that it can get better because it has.

Truthfully, you are a survivor, and the world needs you and your story. How else will the other survivors around you know what is possible?… Read More

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