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When did it become unhealthy to not yell and scream when you’re angry? What I mean is, I am not someone who yells and screams when I’m angry, but that doesn’t mean I’m repressing my anger. It’s just not how I choose to express my anger. I’m not burying it and letting it fester, I’m simply choosing not to allow my anger to dictate my outward actions. I’m practicing self-control by allowing myself to be angry about something, but being angry and acting in a mean abusive way toward people is not the same thing.

Believe me this isn’t new. I worked my way thorugh more than one therapist who refused to move forward with any of my other issues until I got really angry about the abuse that I had lived through. Only in their case, what they meant was that until I screamed and cried and hit things and threw things I wasn’t “acknowledging my anger”. Sorry, but that’s a bunch of crap. That sort of behavior just isn’t me. Even when I get angry, I’m much more likely to just want to be alone and be quiet than I am to do any of that.

I think it’s healthier to not feel like you have to take out your anger on other people, but then that’s just me. 🙂

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