Hope your Christmas was good. Ours was actually pretty nice. It didn’t used to be this way. Christmas growing up was about getting presents, obviously, but it was also very stressful, never knowing where the family fights were going to start, what sort of snide comments were going to be made about you, etc. I guess it still is that way, but I don’t care anymore. My family is what my family is and I can’t change it. I have, however, started to create my own Christmas traditions that are shared with my wife, and mean much more to me than any time with my family does. I can handle all of the stress of visiting with my family much easier when I know that they are only a small part of my life anymore. That the bulk of my life and inspiration, my identity, and security come from within myself, and from a person who truly loves me for everything I am now. No one can touch that, and no one can take that away from me.

My fondest hope for you this holiday season is just that same piece of mind. The ability to see your true self, and the ability to see those who would tear you down for what they truly are as well. 🙂

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