Rest Day

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Now I know what you’re thinking, spending nearly 11 hours driving from Des Moines to Denver is hardly what you would consider a rest day, but I never claimed to be normal. You have to understand, as much as I … Read MoreRead More


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Yes, I’m here at Gnomedex again this year. Having a pretty good time, although in groups like this I find myself being somewhat guarded, and my past definitely shows up large at times. It’s a bit weird having people come … Read MoreRead More

Bad Dream

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Bad dream I had a dream last night that I found out my nephew was being molested and I had to tell his parents. What a horrible dream. I was so relieved when I woke up and realized it was … Read MoreRead More


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Have I mentioned lately that I am truly honored by you people? Seriously, all of the people who take the time to write meaningful comments, or send me email privately (webmaster at this domain….) absolutely make my day! I’m truly … Read MoreRead More


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Enjoying Read something today over in this post on Subversive Harmony. There’s a whole bunch of stuff in the post but as I was reading this line struck me: “Do things you enjoy because you enjoy them, and enjoy the … Read MoreRead More

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