It’s holiday time here in the US again. We’ll be traveling later today and spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Should be nice to spend some time down there with them.

But being with family isn’t what I want to talk about today, it’s being thankful. It may not seem like, as an abuse survivor, there’s a whole lot for you to be thankful about. I’ve been there. I’ve got a ton of things to be thankful for now in my life, but I’m not far removed from the days when it was very different. The days when being alive was the most I could be thankful for, and even that I wasn’t so sure about.

Looking back now, I am thankful that I was still alive after everything. That in itself was no small miracle, given that I had treid to actually commit suicide. But being alive means that there will be a tomorrow, and that gives you another chance to enjoy a day, to make a memory, to have a happy moment. There’s always the hope that tomorrow will be better, that some small thing will spark a smile, or even a laugh, or a moment to share with our loved ones. Let this holiday weekend be filled with those moments. The moments that make life worth living, that fill our memory with joy and happiness. Seize the day to make your moments and share them with the people who are there to share them with..

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