Three years ago…

It’s Sept. 21 2004. Three years ago at this time, the world was still recovering from 9/11, yet somehow life had moved on. Three years ago at this time, my own life had moved on, and another event was about to change my life. The two events will always be tied together in my mind, not only because the plans for one had been affected by the first, but because, to me, nothing else is so powerful a reminder of what it means to be alive.

Being alive brings pain, and suffering, as it did on that September morning. Yet being alive also brings with it joy, happiness, and love, as it did for me on the 22nd of that month, when I was lucky enough to marry my soulmate, my equal, and my best friend.

This time three years ago, we were wrapping up our rehearsal dinner, and I was taking some time to myself back at the hotel in Jonesborough, Tenn. Despite everything that had happened 10 days earlier, (much of it in my hometown, New York, which affected me deeper than I admitted at the time), I was feeling hopeful, and looking forward to a future with my bride. I was, dare I say, excited about this future, which was sort of a new feeling, I admit!

Now three years later, I can honestly say that the vision and hope I had for our future together pales in comparison to the reality of sharing my life, and my love, with Angela every day. I am a very lucky man to have found such a love, and such joy, and I don’t want to ever forget that.

Happy Anniversary, my dear.

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  1. The trial of one of my abusers was taking place this time three years ago the trial actually started the day before 9/11 but on 9/11 I started counselling….. I’m not likely to forget this month of September – oh yes that particular abuser got seven years and placed on the sex offender register for life – Im still hounding the others – thats one reason for my blog – call it a public service! – Dan

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  2. I’m not sure if I should say congratulations… but I think they are in order.

    Sometimes it takes a good event to help us work through the bad.

    Stay strong

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary, on your love and the work of you marriage and on your ability to keep pushing through all this difficult stuff.


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