Birthday Weekend


Last weekend was not only a long holiday weekend, but it was also my birthday! Our newest tradition when my birthday falls on a long weekend is to take a few days and go away in order to get away from everything. Last weekend was no different, as we drove up to Cleveland to spend a couple of days exploring the city. It was a great weekend, made even better by getting a Facebook video of my 4 year old niece signing happy birthday, and the news that my cousin had a little baby girl, on my birthday!

All in all, this birthday was very much about celebrating the good things in my life, the things that I’m very thankful for. I got to do some of the things I really enjoy, spend time with my favorite person, and my iPhone kept me up to date with the good news, and all the folks who wished me a happy birthday. That’s quite a lot to be thankful for!

You can see more photos from our Cleveland exploration at Flickr.

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