Go Watch a Sunset

While I was in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to go down to Ocean Beach and watch the sunset. The sunset was so amazing, that the next day, I was emailing pictures back to all of my friends because I wanted to share that moment of perfect peace with them.

One of them wrote me back that it was nice to get a reminder that despite everything we may be involved with at the moment, and how important it all seems, that life’s bigger than that. It served as a useful reminder to her that there is much more to life than work and all the things we need to do on a daily basis to get through the day. It helps to put things in the proper perspective when you realize that life has more things to enjoy than you can even imagine, especially in the middle of everyday struggles. So, with that I give you, some perspective:

Ocean Beach 7Pin

I hope it brings you even a little bit of the peace I felt being there.

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